What is the Procedure to Change the Room?

It actually takes a lot of effort! You have been living in the room for long, you know it, it knows you. You have the know how of everything that can ever go wrong in your room and you know how to fix it.

There is absolutely nothing for you to fear. That is where the fear starts!

You should in fact change the room as soon as it seems to become a routine. Open a window, let some fresh air come in. Look out of the window, look how the world has changed while you were ever so comfortable in your cosy corner of your room. The world moved leaps and bounds while you rested in your room thinking what possibly could be better than my Room!

Now that you have realized, check out all the rooms you can, learn how and why they exist, become comfortable with them, make them your own. Life is about making this world – your room and the procedure to do it, is changing yourself.



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