Zindagi : A Poem

A poem about how we miss the real pleasures that lie in small things while we are chasing life or the life is chasing us.

Poem: Hum Middle Class Hain Sahab

India has the biggest middle class population in the world. The people torn between their expectations and reality, their dreams and their achievements. People who run the rat race everyday but never let the dream of luxury, lavishness and accomplishments, slip their eye.

Poem: Fitoor

The word ‘fitoor’ is of Arabic origin (also pronounced futuur), means disorder or unsoundness (typically of mind, colloquially as ‘dimaagh ka fitoor’). A phrase in Hindi that could come close to this meaning is ‘us par bhoot savaar ho gaya hai’as if to say, the spirits have taken control of one’s mind! The word/phrase is not…