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Arvind Kejriwal: A Short Analogy

I remember a guy from my school. He was one of the studious guys, fared brilliantly in exams, in fact, the extra-curriculums as well. He was not a friend, but I knew him.

One major reason we weren’t friends was, he was always cribbing. Cribbing about things that weren’t according to him, things that weren’t right, things that bothered him in any way whatsoever.

I remember his complete crusade against the class monitor for whatever noise and indiscipline that took place in the class. He was right in a way; the class monitor is, in fact, responsible for any indiscipline that goes on under his command.

Once my class teacher got so fed up with his constant complaints and cribbing that she went on to replace the monitor with this guy. The Cribber was our new class monitor. We finally thought he would stop cribbing and do something to make our class better.

The Cribber irritated us as well to a certain level but still we saw in him, someone who wants to do the right things.

One fine day, there was an incident. One of the guys broke a glass window in the classroom. It happened at a time when nobody was around, you know how guys can be limitlessly mischievous at times.

The Cribber was summoned, to be inquired about the culprit. This was new to the Cribber; he never had been in a position where he actually had to do something instead of just cribbing. He was perplexed at the very thought of it. Then he had the great epiphany of his life – he can crib at anything.

The first statement he uttered then was – “The glass window is under school administration, I am not the one responsible for it.”

The whole class was surprised at his astounding ability to turn every responsibility around with his cribbing. We had a good laugh later on while we wondered – What do kids like these, do when they grow up?

The question was unanswered till recent times. Then one fine day, Mr. Arvind Kejriwal became the Chief Minister of Delhi.

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