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Asking Somebody Out? Have You Considered Porter’s 5 Forces first?

Let us consider the factors one at a time:

1. Suppliers/ Buyers: Suppliers would be the guys, who are willing to ‘supply’ their time, energy and money on dates, movies and shopping of the girls, to get companionship in return.
Buyers would be the girls who are ready to provide companionship in return of the supplies.
The number of buyers and suppliers matter because if this relation is skewed, it would affect the Industry rivalry to a great extent.

2. Potential Entrants: This would be the people who are currently not looking for a girlfriend, but you never know! This lot would comprise of guys who had break-ups recently, the unfaithful husbands or the un-committable dude.

3. Substitutes: These are the options that girls can take, when she doesn’t have or need a boyfriend. Imagine, a sudden sale at the local mall! The uber cool girl gang! or in the worst case, porn movies and sex toys.

4. Industry Rivalry: Now we analyze, how would these factors affect the rivalry when you seek out for a girl.
In case of too few girls and too many boys: You know the math and you know your potential.

Potential Entrants: There were already not many girls and now you have more eyes ogling at them!

Substitutes: You should not be concerned too much about this, because the all the substitutes are short lived and cannot outdo the presence of a human being by the side.

I would suggest you analyze your situation accordingly and do your swot analysis.

I would also suggest to go for a Blue Ocean strategy instead of a Red Ocean.


You could grow some balls and directly ask her out!



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