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Facts Do Not Matter, Your Opinion Does

We hail from a generation where we had to mug up the world war, the smaller wars and the non-significant wars, along with the dates. Today, I remember none of those. Why?

Two reasons:

1. They were never important.

2. Now there is Google.

Not all facts are as unimportant as highlighted above but with the ubiquity of internet and the search giant, facts have lost the important place they commanded in our primary memory or fingertips. What matters today is your opinion. I am talking specifically about your opinion.

The digital world has connected us all and made this world a small community where everybody can find everybody else. You have a certain personality: Your virtual personality and it is becoming more real per day. What you say, portray or impose makes you today.

You apply to a job; your employer looks you up on Google. You are what it says and it says what you portray. Gone are the days when LinkedIn was the place to be professional, Facebook was to connect with long lost people and Twitter was to rant. Today, everything you put in your name up there matters.

When so much is pinned upon what you say on the web, why not say something sensible or valuable or at least funny?

Form Opinions, Be informed.

You cannot have an opinion about everything and that is a practical limitation to have. But there are people who have opinion on something and when aggregated, every fact will have an opinion attached to it by somebody.

Read them, analyze them, churn them all and keep what suits you. This is the line where you start. Reading is the fuel for your brain and with the world moving towards smart and smarter work; a brain that cannot sprint will lose for sure.

Talk simple, Talk Sense.

Having an opinion on things doesn’t imply that you have to blurt it out at the drop of a hat. Always add value. It doesn’t matter if the discussion is in person or on the internet, whatever you say must be simple and simply making sense. As goes the famous Miranda warning: ‘anything you say can and will be used against you’.

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