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From Teenagers to Screenagers

Last month, I and a close friend of mine, went to another friend’s place after continuous invitations of ‘catching up’. She greeted and welcomed us inside. After the exchange of pleasantries, I intended to talk, which is a sensible thing to do, when you meet somebody, but I guess the norms have changed.

We all sat in the drawing room, with her staring into her phone and we staring at each other. Both of our phones beeped simultaneously, we were tagged in an FB status: ‘Having a great time after long with XYZ and ABC’, which I obviously disagreed to. I looked at my friend, initiated some conversation and we ended up talking to each other for the next half n hour. On our way back, we kept on discussing, she used to be a sensible girl!

The point I am making is, what is the use of this virtual, amazing and popular social life, if you cannot respect the being of a person with you in the physical form? The reason behind the emergence and astounding acceptance of social media was to regain the people in our lives, with whom we have lost touch, not to lose the people we already have.

How many times, have you gone out with your friends, hoping to have a great time and ended up having dumb people at the other end of a smart phone! We are the special generation that transformed from being teenagers to being screenagers.

When we were kids, our parents tried too hard to keep us inside our homes. Dirt pebbles and ponds were the key elements in our growing up. Today, parents strive hard to push the kids to leave their, PS, Xbox and iPads and go outside to play. We as a generation have been tied to a screen; different in size for all of us, but that is our bondage.

Uploading a picture before your eyes can actually admire the beauty of the view, ‘Having a great time with someone’ without having it, tweeting about somebody and not telling him directly, tagging, nagging and swagging is the trend of ours, screenagers.

I remember, one of the best nights I had with my flatmates, was the day when we returned from our offices to find a long power cut at our flat. All our gadgets were discharged. We went to the terrace, lit up cigarettes and just talked. It was a random welcome change. Sounds boring? Try it out sometime, switch of your phone while meeting someone and see the difference.

The world around is very beautiful, meaningful and certainly more attention worthy than that 5 inch screen. Smile at people you know, at people you don’t know, look at the love and care around you because you give what you receive and you receive what you give.

I have been a fan of ‘Calvin and Hobbes’ from the time I started to understand its meaning in full. One of the quotes of Calvin, the kid in the strip seems to be the apt ending to all of this:

calvin n hobbes



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