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Generalisations, Social Debates and Shit Like That

Everyone generalizes. I do, for sure. We are a country surviving on generalizations and name calling. For a Delhiwaala, all the blue collared uncouth workers are Biharis, for a Bihari all of Dilliwallahs are ‘Chutiyas’. For a Mumbaikar, everybody from outside a radius of 150 kms (which includes Pune, Lonavla and Khandala) are from ‘Bahargaaon’. For a guy from ‘Bahargaon’, all Mumbaikars are Shiv Sainiks.

For South Indians, the North Indians are too loud. For North Indians, South Indians are god-knows-why proud! The East Indians are all Bengalis (Oriyas included). The North – East Indians are all Chinkis.

I think the examples are enough for you to get a hang of where this is going. It is also enough for me to be buried under a shit load of FIRs and be behind bars until this Bihari learns his lesson.

We generalize because we don’t want to put in the effort of understanding something or somebody. It’s easier to type-cast. The latest in the foray has been the political type-casting.

If you have any political view or inclinations, you are bound to have been called a Tard, Bhakt or a Sickular. Or the next level – SickTard or LibTard.

The reason behind these names becoming famous is interesting. The reason of proliferation is obviously Twitter and subsequently, all social media, but the reason for the rapid adoption of these names is the age-old reason – not taking the effort to understand.

Let me illustrate.

I am a staunch BJP supporter. My family has been a BJP supporter from decades. I had my family members as the founding members of the party in my state.

I am always in for a capitalist economy and long-term policy making. I am also okay with Hindutva agenda, as far as it does not affect the harmony between religions, we have managed to keep for so long.

I have a radically different view on Kashmir. I believe that neither the Army nor the Kashmiris deserve to die. Violence is not an answer to this problem.

But I am a Bhakt, I am not supposed to have such views.


Because, if I have such views, sooner or later I will post in on the social media and how are people supposed to rebut me on this? They have fodder ready only for Liberals and Sickulars and by definition, I am the opposite of them – I am a Bhakt!

If I will have my own point of view, away from the rhetorics that have been fed to me, people will have to put efforts to understand my point and then reply.

Again, Who has the time!

Long Live Generalizations and Type-Casting!

From a Bihari, who is educated, not a blue-collared worker, has decent manners, lives in Mumbai and does not fear Marathis but befriends them. A BJP Supporter, but not a Bhakt. One who believes we can still be friends if you don’t vote for my party.