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How The 50 Year Olds Are Adopting Technology

Yesterday, I booked a Uber cab. I used to be an Ola customer but switched because of the same reason I switched to Amazon from Flipkart – service.
[bctt tweet=”It’s funny how in the battle of India and Foreign, customer service wins.”]
Anyways, this is not about either of them; this is about how the tech is conquering the world one person at a time.

So, my Uber driver was a 50-55-year-old man. One of the politest cabbies I have seen in my short on-n-off stint with cabs. He took more than usual time to reach me, but I chose to overlook that fact given his politeness. The surprise struck when he asked me to start the trip on his mobile. I did it thinking he wants me to be sure that the trip has started now nd he wasn’t overcharging.

But the reason was something else, totally. The reason he wanted me to start the trip was; he didn’t know how to do it. He was a Uber driver, a company built on the foundations of cutting edge technology and smart-phones, and he wasn’t sure how the app worked.

It made me inquisitive and I asked him if he was new to the job. He divulged that he has been a driver for more than 3 decades now and driven cabs around in the Gulf and India both. It was this ‘Uber’ which he was new too. But he liked it as the ‘kambakhat‘ app gave him more bookings than he had ever had.

That sent me thinking about how difficult it is for the generation before us to understand the technology of the newer world. They have been behaving in a certain way for all their life, but they are changing it for good.

My father is sending ‘selfies’ on the Whatsapp group of my family, and he demands from me the same. My mom has had video chats with me and thanks technology for giving it to her.

All the people that I know are at some or the other position in the learning curve of adopting the technology. My aunt is learning how to use the directory on her feature phone; my mom is learning to use Whatsapp, and my Dad has almost mastered the smartphone.

We are always in awe watching a 5-year-old swiping through the iPad. I understand, it is, in fact, awe-inspiring but watching a 60-year-old man using Uber is no less.

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