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Is it fair?

“If Rajiv Gandhi had married a Nigerian and if she wasn’t white skin, would Congress accept her as a leader.”

The statement is sad. When you know that it is made by a union minister, it’s even sadder. But you know the saddest part of all this is – it’s true!

The Indian society and it’s obsession to fairness is not an unknown fact at all. You switch on the TV, you see a girl getting rejected for a marriage proposal only to use a fairness cream and become the girl that now rejects boys on the contrary.

Lord Krishna, on whose name the colour black is quoted in the vernacular language, even he wasn’t spared when it came to the obsession and commercialisation. They had to hire a fair guy for the role of a God that was synonymous to Black. If this isn’t obsession, I don’t know what is.

Look at Bollywood, how many successful actresses we’ve had who had a dusky complexion? My fingers outnumber them. Now count how many actresses we have had who had nothing but a fair complexion? (Stop drooling over the thoughts of Katrina and count further!)

The market of fairness creams in India spans almost Rs. 3000 crore. It cannot be just a marketing push; a ‘cosmetic’ demand. The obsession is hard-wired into our culture now.

Giriraj Singh may have been uncouth and insensitive in making the remark but unknowingly and unintentionally he has brought to the forefront, an important question.



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