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Jobs, Break-Ups and Both

Not long ago, I left a company I loved. Officially, I am out of there, but I still can’t get it out of my mind. To be honest, I miss it. Interestingly enough I realized, it feels an awful lot similar to a break-up.

Extrapolating it to the break-ups, pink-slips and resignations in my short stint at both love and professional life, I have listed down 5 different ways in which employees leave an organization:

1. It’s not you; it’s me.
“I love it here, but I think I am not good enough for the role. I have a calling that is very different from my current role.”

In other words – “Screw you! I got another job with a hike.”
P.S: I hate my manager.

2. We should see other people.
As time progresses, some relationships mature, some go drab. Both the company and the employee understands this in the due course and ‘start seeing other people’ without even having the ‘conversation’.

3. We wanted different things!
You wanted him to stay; he wanted to go to Europe for his MBA. You wanted her to remain a ‘valuable contributor’; she wanted to become the team-lead. We wanted different things from life!

4. The one who cheats!
He is so good at what he does that he cannot be faithful to you. The world will not let him be. He is yours for the day, freelancer by the night and consultant by the weekend.
It’s just a matter of time that he would realize that monogamy is a curse!

6. The Friendzone.
This is the ‘just perfect’ guy. When he first applied, you didn’t have the position open. He waited. You were busy with other things. He waited some more. Now that you finally have that position open, you think he is not the right fit, culturally!

I hope, we can still be friends! 😉