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My Father’s Best Advice

My dad has been one of those people who stands for people and fight for them. He is a leader, wherever he is.
I left home at a tender age. In the early teens, it is very easy to get carried away with your emotions. The hormonal cyclone doesn’t help either.

When I was leaving home for the first time we had the father-son talk. He sat with me and said, ‘take a stand, support your friends, and fight for people but just make sure that they are worth it.

There would be many instances when people would instigate you, most of the time they would do so, because they cannot match your level of maturity and logic.

Hold back; don’t fight because they want to. Fight because you want to.

When you’ll look back in time at the fights you didn’t have because you were bigger than that, you would feel happy and satisfied and say, “Yeah! It wasn’t worth it.”



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