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My Favourite Brands: Apple

At the launch of first Mac, Steve Jobs was present in the auditorium along with two other, now well known personalities, Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer. The euphoria amongst the public was so electric, Ballmer said to Gates with a smirk, ‘Tell me when it becomes a religion.’ With this I think I can start writing about Apple, the company, the brand, the new world religion. A few days back, two of my colleagues got into the classic debate of our age – Apple vs Android. The ‘Apple’ girl was so much into Apple that after one point, we had to intervene, to calm things down. That is the real value of Apple, not $741.85 billion. Your brand becomes remarkable when people tell stories about it, not you.

A bit about the magician..

Apple and Steve Jobs are synonymous. There has not been another charismatic CEO in the history of Comapnies and Brands. The way that Jobs treated Apple and its apostles was different from whatever, ever happened. Jobs was undoubtedly a great presenter. He knew what did his audience want. Jobs was from the Counter Culture, when he ventured into the world of Computers, he was still a Hippie and IBM was the Big Guy. That helped him in getting Connected with the people. Now once the people got connected to the brand, they cared for it. Apple was always a premium brand and never sold cheap. Jobs gave it a definition of a Brand where Technology meets Art. Apple stands for innovation, class and exclusivity. With Jobs dead, it has a tough route to carry on the legacy that he left on. The recent struggle with iPhone 4s and iPhone 5C are proofs of it. In my view, its said, too many cooks spoil the broth, In Apple’s case, One was enough.



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