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My System for Reading Articles and Essays from Around the Internet.

There’s no Goodreads for essays and articles.
So how do you find what good stuff to read?

Well, to solve the exact same issue, I sort of devised a system for it. Sharing here:

1. Follow the right people on Twitter and LinkedIn. For eg: I want to read everything about SaaS and Self Improvement. So I follow Jason Lemkin, Dave Gerhardt, Andy Raskin, Tomasz Tungusz, Christoph Waltz, Shane Parish, Tim Urban, James Clear, and so on.

2. When you follow these folks, Twitter will automatically suggest more people like them, based on their interactions. Same with LinkedIn. In no time, you’ll be following a decent amount of good folks in your niche.

3. Next, install app called Nuzzel. Connect Nuzzel to all your social logins. Now, Nuzzel will show the most shared links in your network at all times, refreshing daily.

4. So, when you find something relevant, it is already from a trusted source, so either read it then – which is highly unlikely, or share it to Pocket. Pocket is another gamechanger for your mobile reading. It downloads all the links shared to Pocket for a clean, ad-free offline reading.

5. You have your reading list ready.

Bonus: You’re reading something on Pocket and you deeply fall in love with the article and are curious about the blog – start surfing the blog. You love the entire blog? Add it to Feedly. Feedly is the best RSS reader out there. Now Feedly becomes your another source of articles and essays.

The bonus tip is how I discovered Scientific American.

Hope it helped.

P.S: Here are a few blogs that I absolutely love and are all over My Feedly and Pocket:

1. Farnam Street
2. WaitButWhy
3. SaaStr University
4. Prof. Galloway’s Blog
5. Scott Adam’s Blog
6. Longreads
7. Brain Pickings
8. Dumb Little Man
9. SaaSHacker
10. Kevin Indig
11. Stratechery
12. Criminally Prolific

Already a dozen. for more recommendations, drop me a text. My read list for essays is long, unread list – longer.