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42 Another Generic Blog Post – Clickbait In Camel Case

This is the introduction to this blog. Here either I will quote some vague data points of the industry that I pretend to know or manufacture a moment or generic experience in the past, that gave me an epiphany of sorts. Courtesy that epiphany, I will project this blog to be the next big insight and now I will break the paragraph, because who reads this big a para. I should have ended the previous line with a question mark, but that doesn’t look aesthetic.

This is the second para of the same introduction. Here I will try to broaden the title because all of us know, the title can not be elaborated into 42 points, even by an Indian engineer. Now I don’t know how to end the paragraph and jump to the points so this para would generally end abruptly.

1. Focus SEO keyword and some vague connection to the title

This point is a good one but not the best because if I give you whatever little value I can, in the first paragraph, I know that you won’t read it till the last, for sure! This point will be Commissioner Gordon to my post – a fairly good guy, you don’t want to write him off but you know he isn’t the protagonist of the story.

2. This is point number 2. This is the real deal.

This is the only novel idea I had actually which I could have just tweeted but there are several reasons why I didn’t and the reason why I mentioned several is that now there will be bullet points under this:
A. No one reads my tweets.
‎b. No one reads my blog as well.
‎c. But I have to write them, as per my content strategy, anyway.

3. The third point is actually the elongated part of the second point.

As the title suggests, this point will talk about the second point from a different albeit useless point of view. I will also add a redundant line which will meat up the point in terms of words while also I will mold this as a disclaimer so that you won’t counter me on this PoV.

Also, download this ebook for no particular reason.

4. This point can literally be anything. Any damn thing.

So the sensible guys have already figured out that the post says nothing new and have drifted off. The dumb ones, the wannabes and your 2 friends and one roommate are the only ones still reading it. Honestly, they will read anything at this point, even if you just repeat the headline of the point, verbatim – This point can literally be anything. Any damn thing.

5. This is actually a valid point but from a totally unrelated topic.

I have added this point because who writes just 4 things about a topic? Plus, I spent some time reading this other topic which is still not blog-worthy but I will have to write it somewhere to prove I have read about it, hence this point. And also the post should have ended like, 2 points ago, so who cares!

This para – this para will sound like this is the last one and I will finally give an opinion on the topic. But you know what, you are wrong about both the things. Secondly, to have an opinion, you have to really understand the topic.

And firstly, this is the last paragraph. This will be a short one and since I have never been good at goodbyes, I will leave you awkwardly by asking you to put in your views in comments.

Some silly made up salutation!

Name of the Author – Nobody cares
This is an author bio in italics. It will have some silly jokes copied from more than one source and for some weird reason, will always be written in 3rd person, as if I am important enough.
I know you won’t but follow me on Twitter.