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The Peshawar Massacre: A Realization of Hate

It is beyond every flicker of doubt that calling the killings that happened on 16th December, 2014 as heinous is an utter understatement.

Kids, who could barely understand God, leave alone differentiating between them. Kids who couldn’t even spell revenge or jihad correctly!

Terrorism was never justified, not at any point in history. Sometimes because history was always written by the victorious. But the recent capturing and multiple rapes of young Yazidi girls by the ISIS and the latest killing of 132. Yes, 132 children. It can never be justified by any known reason, logic or propaganda possible.

I am an Indian, a country strongly affected by terrorism all over. We Indians know how devastating it can be to witness a terrorist attack. We empathise with our neighbours in this hour of grief.


What shocks me is; even when there were children killed in the massacre and even when the Pakistanis are the victims here, somewhere inside; a feeling breaths. Somewhere inside I have a reason of justification of the killings. I say – They brought it upon themselves.

This is what hate does to you. This is what anger does to you.

With almost half a century of a hateful relationship with Pakistan, I have become worse than a human should be.

Who can justify such an act? I can. I shouldn’t but I do.

I have realized an ugly truth about hate and it is one of the purest of emotion. Corrupting, but pure.

All I urge right now; as a tribute to the 132 innocent lives lost; I’ll sincerely try to eliminate this emotion from me. I’ll try to make this world a happier and more lovable place. I’ll try to fill the void by doing my bit, created by the loss of 132 innocent smiles.

Picture Credits: Yash Mishra



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